Cosmetics and Plastics

Metallized and pigmented foils continue to be a good choice for decoration on plastics.
In close cooperation between producers of cosmetics and plastic packaging manufacturers and CFC Europe GmbH a wide range of hot stamping foils have been developed. These will be enhanced and optimized steadily.
Today we provide the market with innovative solutions, project-specific and individual colourmatches and -settings which still have a great potential for development in the future.
Profiles, boxes, storing and shipping systems, cable and tubes up to high-grade cosmetic packaging are key applications for this group of hot stamping foils.
This results in numerous special solutions to meet individual customer requirements.

  • High temperature, UV, abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Colour range in glossy and matt finish
  • Customized developments
  • High processing speed on various plastic substrates

Partnership in the field of pigment foil with the company

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