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At ITW, consistent with our core values, we strive every day to build a proactive Safety Culture with the philosophy that ‘Every Accident is Preventable’

We enable our vision for Safety Excellence through our commitment to the following Culture – Critical to achieve Full Potential


  • Goal is Zero Accidents (Every Accident is Preventable)
  • Shared Ownership for Safety (Business / Individual)
  • Proactive Approach based on Accident Prevention
  • Continuous Improvement Philosophy

The goal of our “SAFETY CATCH PROGRAMM” is to assist ​us in reaching zero accidents.​ This program is designed to increase awareness, ownership, and communication with regards to conditions and behaviors associated with safety in the workplace.

Further safety activities:

  • Regular in-house short instructions at the work place “Safety Huddles”
  • Quarterly Safety Workshops done by safety teams
  • Yearly “Safety Day” for the entire workforce with subsequent summer party
  • Safety Online Training “Pure Safety”
  • Special Events: Company outings for safety team leaders and management


Who is involved? ALL STAFF MEMBERS

ERGONOMICS TEAM - Partner of the preventive safety

Our goal is to improve our working conditions and work processes from an ergonomic point of view together with the management. The arrangement and handling of the machines, work equipment and auxiliary devices has to be optimized. This is intended to detect fatigue, physical and mental stress or even physical (consequential) damage at an early stage, to avoid it and, at best, to eliminate it.

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