CFC Europe

Quality and energy management systems

We are aware of our great responsibility towards the environment and future generations. Environmental protection and sustainable action is a principle at CFC and thus a continuous optimization process with everyone involved.

We make an active contribution to environmental protection through the use of environmentally compatible raw materials, operating materials and supplies, as well as through efficient production processes.

Waste prevention, recycling and reducing energy consumption have top priority.

In regards to requirements stipulated in the Dodd-Frank Act (Sect. 1502-Conflict Minerals) CFC Europe GmbH continues to work with our suppliers to trace raw materials content determining whether minerals from mines or uncertified melting plants located in conflict areas are used.

No conflict minerals originating from the Democratic Republik of Congo and similar countries are used for the production of CFC foils.
Our suppliers are requested to confirm that steps have been made to prove the origin of materials contens classified as conflict minerals.

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