Decorative Architectural Foils Series EB…

Decking, siding, window frames, furniture, flooring and other architectural components achieve the appearance of high-end finishes with our „woodgrain“ hot stamping foils.

Our foils are available in a variety of designs, colors and other patterns, making them ideal for applications that require flexibility in production and design.

CFC’s EB foils are specially formulated for use on medium density fiberboard, some grades of particleboard and high density fibreboard. They can be applied on flat surfaces , edges and cut profiles for ready-to assemble furniture , housing/cabinets, picture frames home decorating and others.

Printed floorboard edges enhance exclusive decorative finishes and achieve the depth and appearance of solid timber flooring.

  • Custom matching possibilities
  • Can be „laminated“ onto a wide variety of substrates at a broad range of temperatures and speeds
  • Complex pattern coatings with a look of real woodgrains
  • Uni colors available


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